Shikoku Kakoh’s progress always involves cutting-edge films


  • 1966

    Akamatsu Plastic Co., Ltd. is founded in Shirotori-cho (now Higashikagawa, Kagawa Prefecture)

  • July 1968

    Applies for an international patent for the APTON® manufacturing process jointly with Mitsubishi Kasei

  • 1969

    Applies for a patent for the inflation multilayer film

    Begins APTON® manufacturing and shipping

  • 1971

    Develops nylon-based two-layer top-blown film (poly-nylon), the precursor to the later CANS®

  • 1972

    Modifies CANS®’s manufacturing method to the two-layer water-cooled bottom-blown method

  • 1973

    First shipment of CANS® to the frozen food industry

  • 1974

    Applies for a patent for CANS®’s basic technology

  • 1975

    CANS® is adopted by various food product manufacturers, and delivery begins

  • 1979

    Changes the company name to Shirotori Kakoh, the predecessor of Shikoku Kakoh, from

    Develops the company mission statement, the current management principle“We will contribute to society and prosper in our business through creative production”

1980sGrowth period

  • April 1983

    Shikoku Kakoh Co., Ltd. is established

  • September 1983

    Develops medical films

  • October 1983

    Receives an award from the Japan Packaging Institute in the technical category

  • June 1984

    Develops films for infusion bags

  • July 1984

    Builds Japan’s first four-layer extrusion facilities

  • November 1985

    Begins delivering medical films

  • October 1986

    Six-type, six-layer extrusion facilities are introduced

1990sAn era of establishing new divisions

  • April 1990

    Applies for a patent for the medical bag’s basic technology

  • September 1991

    Pharmaceutical Film Business Division is establishedBegins developing films for infusion bags as joint development with a customer

  • October 1992

    Begins developing antibiotic films

  • May 1996

    Builds a plant exclusively for infusion bag films

  • June 1997

    Develops APTON® “Mamoru-kun”

  • April 1999

    Develops CANS® flagship products CS-H and CS-U

  • November 1999

    APTCLEAN® trademark is registered

2000sAn era of expansion

  • December 2000

    Begins developing films for three-chamber infusion bags

  • March 2001

    Head Office Factory is constructed

  • December 2003

    APTOTECH® trademark is registered

  • February 2004

    Begins expanding sales of CANS® CS-U for chilled pork

  • October 2004

    Begins delivering films for dialysis bags APTSTAT® trademark is registered

  • November 2006

    Seven-type, seven-layer extrusion facilities are introduced

  • December 2009

    Shikoku Kakoh mark trademark is registered

2010sThe dawn of a new era

  • November 2013

    Marks the 30th anniversary of the company’s establishmentBegins producing multilayer T-die products

  • June 2014

    Birth of INOVITA®

  • November 2019

    Nishiyama 1st Plant is constructed

2020sAn era of change toward a recycling-oriented society

  • December 2019

    Nishiyama 2nd Plant begins operations.

  • January 2021

    The regenerative granulation facilities begin operations

    Testing and research in the Technology Development Laboratory Building begin

  • July 2021

    Birth of easily peelable multilayer film

  • December 2022

    New regenerative granulation facilities are introduced

  • February 2023

    Begins operating the solar power generation system using the PPA model

2XXXFor future generations

Although the environment surrounding us is constantly changing, we hope to be a company that can continue to provide safety and security in the future, based on the technology we have inherited from our predecessors.

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