ASB film has excellent cold and pinhole resistance, with an enhanced antistatic function of the inner layer.

  • Gas barrier properties
  • Non-curl
  • Label adhesion
  • Transparency and gloss
  • High strength
  • Automatic machine compatibility
  • Suitable for heat sealing
  • Pinhole resistant (frozen)
  • Suitable for boiling
  • Aroma retention property
  • Antistatic


The antistatic function of the inner layer improves the opening of apertures by automatic bag feeders and reduces the adhesion of the contents (powder products) to the bag due to static electricity.

  • Antistatic function

  • Pinhole resistance

  • Suitable for automatic feeding machine

  • High label adhesion

  • High aroma retention property


  1. Anti-static

    Antistatic function reduces film adhesion to powder products

    The antistatic function improves bag opening performance and prevents the adhesion of contents (powder products) to the bag due to static electricity, thereby improving yield. It also reduces the risk of seal failure by preventing adhesion to the sealing surface after filling with the contents.

  2. Pinhole resistance under frozen conditions

    Pinhole resistance fit for frozen distribution

    The flexibility of co-extruded multilayer films suppresses pinhole occurrence and using polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) resin in the outermost layer protects the strong nylon resin and improves cold pinhole resistance.

  3. For automatic food filling machine

    Since the opening does not curl, it is suitable to high-speed packaging machine and improves productivity.

    Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) resin is less prone to water absorption than nylon resin, reducing the curling of the aperture. This makes it ideal for automatic bag feeders that require performance in opening apertures.

  4. Easy labeling pouch

    Good label adhesion

    Polybutylene terephthalate resin (PBT resin) has a very low water absorption rate and is used as the outermost layer. This minimizes moisture adsorbed by the film surface and prevents adhesion loss with the label glue. PBT resin is a hydrophilic resin, and since most label glues are acrylic resin, which is also a type of hydrophilic resin, this technology takes advantage of the characteristics that resins with the same properties tend to bond together.

  5. Highly flavor retention

    Maintains the aroma and flavor of freshly prepared food.

    Aromatic polyester resins such as polybutylene terephthalate resin (PBT resin) have the property of retaining the aroma and flavor of the contents. This property has been used to impart aroma-retention function to the film.


  • Raw meat (refrigerated/frozen)
    • Poultry
  • Powder products
    • Pepper powder
    • Cinnamon powder
    • Cinnamon powder
    • Onion powder
    • Breadcrumbs
  • Automatic bag feeding products
    • Whipped cream


Main applications
Spices /
Additives and other powders
Use temperature range
Layer composition
Number of layers
5 layers
Adhesive resin /
Nylon /
Adhesive resin /
60μm /
70μm /
80μm /
100mm ~ 600mm

Table can swipe left or right

Test item Test method Units 60μm 70μm 80μm
Tensile strength JIS K 7127 MPa MD 31 31 31
TD 30 30 30
N MD 19 22 25
TD 18 21 24
Tensile elongation JIS K 7127 MD 420 420 420
TD 440 440 440
Tear strength JIS K 7128 N/mm MD 120 120 120
TD 103 103 103
N MD 7.2 8.4 9.6
TD 6.2 7.2 8.2
Heat sealing strength JIS Z 1707 N/15mm 24 27 31
Oxygen transmissivity JIS K 7126 cc/m2・24h・atm
(23℃ , 75%RH)
95 80 76
Moisture permeability JIS K 7129 g/m2・24h
(40℃ , 90%RH)
12 7.9 7.2
Puncture strength JIS Z 1707 N 4 4.9 5.8
Surface resistance JIS K 6911 Ω(Inside) 9.0×1010 9.0×1010 9.0×1010

*These are representative values and not guaranteed.


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Can it be boiled?
Yes, it can be boiled in temperatures up to 100°C.
Can it be frozen?
Yes, it can be frozen down to -40°C.
Can it be printed on?
Yes, it can be.
Can we use an oxygen absorber with it?
Yes, you can, but we recommend the Barrier 7 film, which is more suitable for higher barriers.
Do you have colored films?
This is not in our current lineup, but we can explore the possibility.

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