A polymer-based antistatic agent withsemi-permanent antistatic effect

  • Antistatic
  • Cleanliness
  • High strength
  • Environmentally friendly (RoHS directive / REACH regulations)


General surfactant types have been known to cause contamination of the contents due to bleed-out and variation in the antistatic effect depending on the operating conditions (especially during drying). HA-V overcomes this problem with a cutting-edge polymer antistatic agent, providing a highly clean, stable antistatic effect. HA-V is the ultimate clean antistatic film that combines APTCLEAN® technology, which prevents content contamination due to bleed-out, and APTSTAT® technology, which keeps dusts away with its stable antistatic effect.

  • Product design that extends to high cleanliness

  • Semi-permanent antistatic performance

  • Stable antistatic performance

  • Outstanding strength and durability

  • No use of environmentally hazardous chemical substances


  1. High clean packaging to LC/HDD/SC

    Product design even covers high cleanliness

    By forming a film with an inflation method based on an additive-free resin, the film provides a particularly high level of cleanliness on the inner surface. In addition, we use a liquid particle counter (LPC) in our process to control the cleanliness level, and our products are used confidently in industries that demand high cleanliness levels, such as LCD, HDD, and semiconductors.

  2. Anti-static effect

    Semi-permanent antistatic effect

    A polymer-based antistatic agent ensures that the antistatic effect lasts semi-permanently without migration.

  3. Antistatic packaging

    Stable antistatic performance

    Based on many years of experience and proven results, it exhibits a stable antistatic effect in the 109 to 1012 ohms range.

  4. High clean packaging with good pinhole resistance

    Outstanding strength and durability

    Special polyethylene resin is placed in the intermediate layer to boost its increasing, raising the film’s overall increasing. Its high pinhole resistance reduces pinholes caused by friction and bending during product transportation.

  5. Conformance to International chemical regulations

    No use of environmentally hazardous chemical substances

    Regular analysis is conducted to confirm HA-V film complies with the RoHS directive and REACH regulations.


  • Electronics components
    • Printed circuit boards
    • Liquid crystal displays
    • Modules
    • HDD parts


Main applications
Printed circuit boards /
Liquid crystal displays /
Modules /
HDD parts
Layer composition
Number of layers
3 layers
PE / PE / PE
35μm ~ 100μm
200mm ~ 1000mm

Table can swipe left or right

Test item Test method Units 50μm 70μm 80μm 100μm
Tensile strength JIS Z 1702 MPa MD 51 49 49 47
TD 42 40 39 38
N MD 25.5 34.3 39.2 47
TD 21 28 31.2 38
Tensile elongation JIS Z 1702 MD 547 604 634 700
TD 837 820 812 796
Tear strength JIS K 7128 N/mm MD 146 138 134 126
TD 104 105 105 106
N MD 7 10 11 13
TD 5 7 8 11
Heat sealing strength JIS Z 1711 N/15mm 11 14 16 20
Particulate measurement Shikoku Kakoh method pcs/cm2 Inner surface 1 1 1 1
Surface resistance JIS K 6911 Ω Inner surface 3.0×109 3.0×109 3.0×109 3.0×109
Outer surface 3.0×109 3.0×109 3.0×109 3.0×109

*These are representative values and not guaranteed.


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    Order / Production start

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What are its features?
It is a highly clean, non-bleed type.
Do you have colored films?
Yes, it can be.
Can it be printed on?
No, it cannot be printed on.
How long does the antistatic function last?
As it is a polymer type, the effect lasts semi-permanently.
Does it contain environmentally hazardous substances?
No, it does not contain environmentally hazardous substances.

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