Soft C

Clean protective film with an anti-scratch propertiesused as an interlayer for resin boards and glass boards

  • shock absorption
  • Cleanliness
  • Environmentally friendly (RoHS directive / REACH regulations)


Soft C film consists of three layers, with a foamed polyethylene layer in the middle. The foamed polyethylene layer absorbs shocks and protects the contents from mechanical impact. Low ionic contamination and low outgassing raw materials have been selected through years of research to reduce contamination to contact materials. Soft C prevents scratches when used as an interlayer between acrylic board, glass panels and similar surfaces.

  • Cleanliness and shock absorption

  • Suitable for a scratch-resistant interlayer

  • No use of environmentally hazardous chemical substances

  • Low ion contamination, low outgassing


  1. High clean packaging with sponge

    Foamed interlayer for cleanliness and shock absorption

    The foamed interlayer provides a cushioning effect. The surface in contact with the product is made of additive-free polyethylene, so additives do not adhere to the product.

  2. Pinhole resistance under frozen conditions

    Suitable for interlayer for acrylic, resin plates, and glass surfaces.

    Soft C is a product that achieves both shock absorption and cleanliness. Used as an interlayer during transportation, it prevents scratches, cracks, and transfer of foreign matter on the surface such as acrylic, polycarbonate, and glass plates.

  3. Conformance to International chemical regulations

    No use of environmentally hazardous chemical substances

    Regular analysis is conducted to confirm Soft C film complies with the RoHS directive and REACH regulations.

  4. Low ionic contamination and low outgassing

    Achieves low-ion contamination and low outgassing

    Soft C is designed and developed based on the concept of low-ion contamination and outgassing.


  • Resin boards / Glass panels
    • Glossy moldings
    • Liquid crystal display components


Main applications
Glossy moldings / Liquid crystal display components
Layer composition
Number of layers
3 layers
PE / PE(form) / PE
100mm ~ 500mm

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Test item Test method Units 120μm
Tensile strength JIS Z 1702 MPa MD 11
TD 8
N MD 13
TD 10
Tensile elongation JIS Z 1702 MD 78
TD 71
Tear strength JIS K 7128 N/mm MD 66
TD 39
N MD 8
TD 5

*These are representative values and not guaranteed.


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What are its features?
This additive-free PE film provides excellent cleanliness.
Do you have colored films?
No, it cannot be printed on.
Can it be printed on?
No, it cannot be printed on.
Does it contain environmentally hazardous substances?
No, it does not contain environmentally hazardous substances.

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