A cutting-edge protective film with a core of multilayer technology that does not leave adhesive residue on the adherend due to its self-adhesive property

  • Surface protection performance
  • Cleanliness
  • Environmentally friendly (RoHS directive / REACH regulations)


Unlike general surface protection films, PTS is a self-adhesive film that does not use adhesive (glue) and does not leave adhesive residue on the adherend.

  • Self-adhesive design that leaves no adhesive residue

  • Prevents scratches during transportation

  • Product design that extends to high cleanliness

  • No use of environmentally hazardous chemical substances


  1. Self-adhesive design

    Self-adhesive design that leaves no adhesive residue when peeling

    The self-adhesive design utilises the adhesive properties of a special resin, resulting in no adhesive residue when peeling.

  2. Prevents scratches

    Prevents scratches during transportation

    PTS protects the surface of items prone to being scratched prone to be scratched during transportation, such as glossy molded products, piano-black coated products, resin plates, and other items.

  3. High clean packaging to LC/HDD/SC

    Product design covering high cleanliness

    By use of additive-free resin and blown film method, the PTS provides a particularly high level of cleanliness of the inner surface. In addition, liquid particle counter (LPC) in our process in place to control the cleanliness level, and our products are used confidently in industries that demand high cleanliness levels, such as LCD, HDD, and semiconductors.

  4. Conformance to International chemical regulations

    No use of environmentally hazardous

    Regular analysis is conducted to confirm PTS film complies with the RoHS directive and REACH regulations.


  • Resin plates
    • Glossy moldings
    • Liquid crystal display components
  • In-vehicle use
    • Glossy molded instrument panels
  • Coated products
    • Piano-black coating


Main applications
Glossy moldings /
Liquid crystal display components /
Glossy molded instrument panels /
Piano-black coating
Layer composition
Number of layers
3 layers
40μm ~ 50μm
100mm ~ 500mm

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Test item Test method Units 50μm
Tensile strength JIS Z 1702 MPa MD 33.5
TD 12
N MD 16.75
TD 6
Tensile elongation JIS Z 1702 MD 75
TD 400
Stiffness Shikoku Kakoh method g MD 0.192
TD 0.321
Adhesive strength JIS Z 0237 N/25mm 0.06
Haze JIS K 7105 13

*These are representative values and not guaranteed.


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    Order / Production start

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What are its features?
PTS is a self-adhesive protective film that does not leave adhesive residue.
Do you have colored films?
No, it cannot be printed on.
Can it be printed on?
No, it cannot be printed on.
Does it contain environmentally hazardous substances?
No, it does not contain environmentally hazardous substances.

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