Based on our management principles, we will co-create the value needed in this new era with our stakeholders, and contribute to society’s sustainable growth.

Policy and basic concept

In March 2022, the Moriroku Group formulated its Sustainability Policy. The Moriroku Group Sustainability Policy is a commitment to the role the Moriroku Group should play in realizing a sustainable society. Shikoku Kakoh, is committed to becoming a company that is increasingly counted on and sought after by all stakeholders by engaging in business activities that consider all stakeholders and by contributing to resolving social issues.

The Sustainability Policy of the Moriroku Group

As a member of the Moriroku Group, Shikoku Kakoh, aims to realize a sustainable society by reducing our environmental impact through our business and contributing to the local community.

Shikoku Kakoh’s contributions to the SDGs as a member of a sustainable society

Shikoku Kakoh will contribute to developing a sustainable society through its business activities, and strive to realize a future in which people can coexist harmoniously with the global environment.

  • Promoting greening in Japan and overseas by expanding sales of seedling sheets

  • Reducing CO2 emissions by developing and expanding sales of thin, high-strength film

  • Promoting recycling by converting waste plastic into pellets and using recycled pellets in products

  • Reducing food loss through product development that leads to longer expiration dates

  • Installing solar power generation systems

  • Administering various health checks and vaccinations

  • Implementing traffic safety patrols

  • Promoting women’s participation

  • Implementing no-overtime days

  • Conducting stress checks

  • Providing compliance education

  • Providing job level-specific education and training within departments

Our commitment to sustainability through business

Shikoku Kakoh will support people’s quality of life by contributing to developing a sustainable society through its business activities.

On February 1, 2023, the Nishiyama 1st Plant began operating a solar power generation system. Going forward, we will continue to develop various measures to reduce CO2 emissions. We are also planning to develop, manufacture, and market environmentally friendly products to contribute to the use of biomass plastics and to extend the shelf life period to reduce food waste.

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