Kneaded with surfactantStable antistatic performance with outstanding strength and durability

  • Antistatic
  • Environmentally friendly (RoHS directive / REACH regulations)


FX is a film made by kneading a surfactant into polyethylene. The surfactant attracts moisture in the air, and a moisture layer (electrically conductive) forms on the film’s surface, producing an antistatic effect.

  • Stable antistatic performance

  • No use of environmentally hazardous chemical substances

  • Prevention of particle adhesion


  1. Antistatic packaging

    Stable antistatic performance

    Based on many years of experience and proven results, it exhibits a stable antistatic effect in the 109 to 1012 ohms range.

  2. Conformance to International chemical regulations

    No use of environmentally hazardous chemical substances

    Regular analysis is conducted to confirm FX film complies with to the RoHS directive and REACH regulations.

  3. Prevention of electrostatic particle attraction

    Prevents the adhesion of dust caused by static electricity

    Due to its stable antistatic properties, it does not attract dust.


  • Electronics components
    • Printed circuit boards
    • Liquid crystal displays
    • Modules


Main applications
Printed circuit boards /
Liquid crystal displays /
Layer composition
Number of layers
Single layers
50μm ~ 100μm
50mm ~ 1500mm

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Test item Test method Units 50μm 70μm 80μm 100μm
Tensile strength JIS Z 1702 MPa MD 24.1 24.9 24.5 25.3
TD 22.6 22.7 22.7 24
N MD 12.1 17.43 19.6 25.3
TD 11.3 15.89 18.16 24
Tensile elongation JIS Z 1702 MD 480 603 609 621
TD 700 768 774 749
Tear strength JIS K 7128 N/mm MD 122 116 121 113
TD 80 78 82 85
N MD 6 8 10 11
TD 4 5 7 9
Heat sealing strength JIS Z 1711 N/15mm 11.8 14.9 16.9 19.4
Surface resistance JIS K 6911 Ω Inner surface 3.0×109 3.0×109 3.0×109 3.0×109
Outer surface 3.0×109 3.0×109 3.0×109 3.0×109

*These are representative values and not guaranteed.


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What are its features?
The film uses a surfactant to create an antistatic effect.
Do you have colored films?
Yes, it can be.
Can it be printed on?
Yes, it can be.
How long does the antistatic function last?
It lasts about six months.
Does it contain environmentally hazardous substances?
No, it does not contain environmentally hazardous substances.

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