Health and Safety Initiatives

We want all workers to be healthy in both mind and body

Health and Safety Slogan

Nip risks in the bud, and let safety flourish

Health and Safety Policy

As a people-oriented company, Shikoku Kakoh has established the following health and safety policy and is working to promote health and safety with the hope that all employees will stay healthy in both mind and body.

Management Principles

We will contribute to society and prosper in our business through creative production


As a company, we are committed to being trusted, admired, and loved, first by our employees and their families, second by our customers and business partners, third by the local community, and finally by our shareholders.

Management Policy

Our goal is to be a company that inspires and is trusted by our customers.

Action Guidelines

Under top management leadership, we will continuously improve our health and safety management system through periodic reviews based on our management principles, vision, and policy. Thus, to fulfill our social responsibility, we will contribute to creating a sustainable society by achieving the following.

  1. We aim for zero occupational accidents.
  2. We aim to create a safe and comfortable workplace where all our employees are healthy in body and mind.
  3. We comply with laws and regulations related to occupational health and safety, as well as with agreements and understandings we subscribe, and strive to promote occupational health and activities.
  4. We promote the 5S activities: sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain.
  5. We aim to develop human resources who can willingly contribute to workplace health and safety by incorporating Hiyari-Hatto (near-miss data collection) and KY (hazard prediction) activities.

Health and Safety Committee initiatives

Every month, the Health and Safety Committee convenes to establish a healthy environment for the physical and mental well-being of all employees at Shikoku Kakoh.

  • Implementing health and safety patrols

    We regularly conduct patrols to check for health and safety issues in the workplace, thereby improving not only the phenomenon but also the system.

  • Raising awareness through self-checks

    In line with our policy of independent thinking and proactive behavior, we promote activities that improve our work environment through our efforts.

  • Hiyari-Hatto reporting, zero-accident kaizen activities

    In line with our health and safety slogan, we are working to “nip risks in the bud” while still being small through Hiyari-Hatto (near-miss data collection) and zero-accident kaizen improvement activities.

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