Environmental initiatives

We want to be a company that is kind to people, nature, and all environments

Environmental Policy

We have established the following environmental policy, and are committed to being an environmentally conscious company that cares for people and all natural environments, with considerate action as our main theme.

Management Principles

We will contribute to society and prosper in our business through creative production


As a company, we are committed to being trusted, admired, and loved, first by our employees and their families, second by our customers and business partners, third by the local community, and finally by our shareholders.

Management Policy

Our goal is to be a company that inspires and is trusted by our customers.

Action Guidelines

Under top management leadership, we will continuously improve our environmental management system through periodic reviews based on our management principles, vision, and policy. Thus, to fulfill our social responsibility, we will contribute to creating a sustainable society by achieving the following.

  1. We will comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and other requirements.
  2. We will strive to develop human resources who can think for themselves about how our activities, products, and services affect the people and environments around us, and take considerate action.
  3. We will strive to reduce CO2 emissions by focusing on reducing plastic waste, efficiently using resources and energy, and developing and selling recycled products as priority goals.
  4. By growing our company, we aim to develop our community, create jobs, and be a company that can give dreams to children.
  5. Finally, as a company that values people, we aim to establish a workspace that encourages our employees to work with energy and enthusiasm.

Acquired Environmental Management System certification

We have acquired an Environmental Management System certification, and continuously conduct environmental protection system improvement activities to achieve our environmental policy.

Date of acquisition
March 2018
Applicable standard
ISO 14001:2015
Certification body
Perry Johnson Holdings, Inc., Perry Johnson Registrars

Initiatives for a low-carbon society

  • Introduction of energy-saving production facilities

    When we update our production equipment to improve energy-saving efficiency, we select equipment with less power consumption with higher energy-saving efficiency than before.

  • Daily energy-saving activities

    We are promoting energy-saving activities that all employees can easily advance, such as activities to prevent leaving the lights on and water running, and checking for air leaks at the factory before consecutive holidays.

  • Studying the use of natural energy

    First, we will strive to reduce CO2 emissions by using the sun’s power as a natural energy source.

Initiatives for a recycling-oriented society

  • Management of environmentally hazardous chemical substances

    We not only meet our customers’ requirements, but also control all processes, from raw materials procurement to manufacturing. This is based on the ironclad rule of chemical substance management, which is not to use or mix anything that affects people or the environment.

  • Reduction of industrial plastic waste

    Our objective is to decrease plastic waste. We are united under the principle, “Mixing is waste, separating creates a resource,” and we are committed to promoting waste segregation. This will help us reduce plastic waste so that it can be utilized as a resource.

  • Promoting product waste

    Our goal in the plastics manufacturing industry is to transform waste into valuable resources by internally and externally re-pelletizing plastics. We are committed to restarting the lifecycle of plastics and reducing waste.

Recycling Flow

Waste plastics are reborn as recycled products after in-house sorting. We aim to expand this aspect of our business by selling re-pelletized products.

Aiming to promote plastic recycling

We introduced pellet granulation equipment to promote in-house plastic waste recycling in November 2022. By working toward expanding products that use recycled plastic pellets, we hope to contribute to society as a recycling-oriented business.

Before and after story of recycled pellets

  1. Plastic waste(In waste stage)

  2. Fine grinding(Crushing stage)

  3. Even finer grinding(Pulverizing stage)

  4. Melting(Melting stage)

  5. Cutting and cooling(Molding stage)

  6. Recycled pellets are born!

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